Kapitein Winokio - De winter van Kapitein Winokio (4+)

Captain Winokio, Mrs de Poes and the musical seafarers are poised to sail towards the Zandloper, where they will take you along with them on their musical journey through the thick snow. They meet Felix the polar bear, sing about whirling snowflakes and dance together with your champions such as penguins! The director, Dimitri Leue, spreads an extra bit of warm winter glow over the show. Enjoy the wonderful music, humour and emotions together with the captain's silly gang in a beautiful winter setting. Drag the sledge out of the cellar, unleash your inner reindeer and join in the fun! Hear the bells ringing in the distance....


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music, family


GC de Zandloper, theaterzaal
Kaasmarkt 75
1780 Wemmel


  • cash desk : 18 euro
  • presale: 16 euro

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Wed 20/06