Wemmel wintert - Een familiedag in een winters jasje (2-92 jaar)

There is a Winter Wonderland to look forward to with lots of workshops and activities, appetizers and drinks and maybe a bit of snow. Fairy tales and much more to close the afternoon with Incontri: open-air fire theatre.

Hey Pannenkoek!

With a lot of love, our top volunteers will create a pancake especially for you! Would you rather have a white cloud of candyfloss spun especially for you? Would you rather sit by the crackling fire, while enjoying some marshmallows? That is also an option!

Even afkoelen

Parents and children are welcome to cool off in our Winter Bar. Our friends from Culture Bar Bar will serve the finest drinks while you decide which activity you want to join.

Slipperig slijm maken (5+)

How do you make slime? We reveal all the tips & tricks! A fan of slime? Then this is definitely something for you! Become the most popular slime maker on the playground with our super slimy recipes.

Winterse foamklei (3+)

Foam Clay is a self-hardening clay to which small, white foam balls have been added. It can be used to decorate objects. The clay doesn't stick to your hands, doesn't stain, doesn't contain any harmful substances. Let your imagination run wild and create a winter character!

Je eigen ster

Stars become brighter in the winter. Make your own star with a small light to take home with you.


Tough kids sparkle with their own tattoos. All on the theme of winter and with glitter as well to make you stand out even more. Tough and cool at the same time!

Winterse metamorfose (3+)

Step on our stage to change your appearance completely!

Our 2 excellent hairdressers will give you the most beautiful winter hairstyles while 2 face painters will transform your face into a true work of art. Forget the usual ladybugs, lions, butterflies and Spiderman. We are opting for an original children's catwalk-style make-up with a tasteful array of colours.

If your clothes don't match your new image, I'm sure you'll find what you're looking for in our clothes trunk! Let Monsieur Kodac guide you and persuade you to take part in an ideal photo shoot, record the transformation thanks to the digital photo booth and ensure that this is immediately spread on social media.

Döner kleibäb

The pita, a refined oriental delicacy, has been a favourite for centuries with those who don't mind getting their hands dirty.

Serdi and his brother cut strips of clay from a large chunk, with which you can smear yourself, with or without garlic sauce.

As soon as the modelling work is finished, you can put it back on the spit to be baked a bit, and all the small creations are glued together to form a ‘total work of art’, a large Kekabel tower. Playdough for an advanced level.

Dj Frietmachine: Friet met een beat

How much rhythm can be found in your potato? A machine that makes your potato dance? This must be seen! DJ Frietmachine is the most swinging potato installation that exists. It observes, weighs, measures and checks to see if you are grounded with your potato. If that is the case, it will play you a greasy tune, while you fry your potato. Record ready, fries ready!


Stretchy play sand, loads of kepla, games and a cosy reading corner ... You're sure to find what you're looking for just for the fun of playing or making new friends.

Ridder of prinses?

Have you ever dreamed that you were a real tough knight or perhaps an elegant princess? In this workshop, we will make together our own tunic, we will provide a small purse and a beautiful crown or helmet. Setting off home with your own clothes, you will become the most handsome knight and the most beautiful princess.

Dimo Dino

We will return to the time before the Ice Age, when dinosaurs roamed the Earth.

Are you already a palaeontologist or do you still have a lot to learn? You will learn more about dinosaurs and test your knowledge before designing your own dinosaur in clay.


Building with straws and chenille, cutting and pasting, making things ... Even toddlers love technical activities!


Introduction to cartoon drawing. How do I get started? What steps can I follow? First we work together and then you can try it out all by yourself.


We will make all kinds of small catapults, ideal for building large ones at home! We also work with real catapults and play a game of shooting at cans. Who has the best aim, the most strength and a good eye?

Wemmelse Winterspelen 2020

If you are also crazy about gaming, get your pulse racing playing together with others in our special game control room.

Slotvoorstelling: Incontri

Dusk is a time for lighting fires.

Incontri will spin a visual tale where you move between the stars and dance among the flames. Umbrellas become merry-go-rounds of fire, fire snakes shoot away in the dark ...

Pietro Chiarenza, the artistic director of Sprookjes enzo (theatre for the little ones!), is also a fire artist with the Progetto Bagliori troupe in his homeland Italy. He created this magical fire performance for everyone.


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