Program - music

Laura Tesoro & band - In Concert

Laura Tesoro sang in 2016 the ultimate feel-good song 'What's the pressure' for a European-wide audience. She may only be 22 years old, but she is widely acknowledged as being a top-class performer. The stage is being set aside. This will be an opportunity for a big party.
22 Sep
08.00 PM

Jan Leyers & band - Theatertour 2018

The man who wrote musical history with Soulsister and composed countless hits for other performers shows a completely different side of himself in his latest Dutch-language songs.
04 Oct
08.00 PM

Kapitein Winokio - De winter van Kapitein Winokio (4+)

Captain Winokio, Mrs de Poes and the musical seafarers will take you along with them on their musical journey through the thick snow. Enjoy the wonderful music, humour and emotions together with the captain's silly gang in a beautiful winter setting.
13 Oct
03.00 PM

Theater van A tot Z - Gelukkig zijn – meezingsessie

If you like to sing, the ‘Gelukkig zijn’ singing sessions will suit you down to the ground! So you don't have to be a great singer to enjoy yourself. Anyone who wants to sing is welcome and will receive a booklet featuring the lyrics to the songs.
16 Oct
08.00 PM

Warm Wemmel - Wemmel’s got talent 3

‘Wemmel’s got talent’ is a success! Saturday,17 November 2018 is the date for the second instalment of the charity fundraiser ‘Wemmel's got talent.
17 Nov
07.00 PM

Paul Michiels - Ageless

Paul Michiels sang together with Jan Leyers in the hit machine Soulsister. They achieved international success with 'The way to your heart'. Paul also had solo hits. Turning 70, this fantastic singer is celebrating his birthday with live concerts and a new musical work.
20 Dec
08.00 PM

Mich Walschaerts - ZINGT

Mich Walschaerts has been playing with Kommil Foo for about 30 years now. In this unique anniversary programme, he hones in on other people's work, beautiful Dutch-language songs. Not the well-known hits, but unexplored masterpieces, idiosyncratic and challenging.
31 Jan
08.00 PM

Wouter Mattelin, Axl Peleman, Neeka, e.a. - 1969, een halve eeuw Woodstock

50 years after Woodstock, the music blossoms like never before and Belgium is far ahead of most other countries when it comes to holding festivals. Wouter Mattelin tells stories about the Mother of all Festivals and the sparkling year of 1969. Neeka, Axl Peleman, Esther Lybeert and Maarten Flamand
28 Feb
08.00 PM

Stan Van Samang - Op de schoot

sold out
This is an ideal opportunity to see one of Flanders' best performers at work! As the title suggests, it will be a concert in an intimate setting, but no less 'grand'.
21 Mar
08.00 PM

Gwen Cresens - Aperitiefconcert Ossel

Gwen Cresens is one of the finest Belgian accordionists and bandoneon players. In the charming Ossel church he will be playing a wide variety of music from the accordion repertoire, ranging from classical to jazz, Balkan and Braziliana, tango and valse musette.
24 Mar
11.00 AM