14de Jaarmarktfestival

The 14th edition of this event will take place on SUNDAY, 21 AUGUST at 4 pm, immediately after the Run4Fun & Sportyfun sports and games activities.

4 pm | DJ Tony of ‘Discobar RiZOTTO’ (kids DJ)
5 pm | DE BENDE (kids’ pop)
7 pm | 80 TROLLS (new wave classics)
8 pm | BELPOPBAND (belpop covers)
9.30 pm | COCO JR & THE ALL STARS (mix of pop, reggae and funk)
11 pm | DJ SAMSATION (party time)


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  • Sun 21 August 2022, 16:00


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Grasplein voor het gemeentehuis
Dr. H. Folletlaan 175
1780 Wemmel

16:00: Discobar RiZOTTO

As an appetizer, DJ Tony from "Discobar RiZOTTO" (aka Bert Vannieuwenhuyse) will be hosting an awesome party for young and old.

17:00: DE BENDE (kids & family)

Is it a kids’ band? Yes, it is! Is it a hit machine? Yes, it certainly is! Anywhere 'De Bende' appears a great party atmosphere is created for young and old. During their explosive 70-minute show, the lead singers Tom Olaerts & Ellen Dufour will launch a top selection of 'Hits for Kids' at the audience with the help of their 4-piece live band. A swinging time is on the way for everyone from the smallest toddler to the coolest grandma!     

19:00: 80 Trolls

The Wemmel band '80 Trolls' focuses on New Wave music from the 1980s. The band successfully covers songs by famous bands such as The Cure, U2, Simple Minds, Gary Numan, Visage, Anne Clark, The Sisters of Mercy... The aim is to recreate the distinctive dark sounds and sound effects of the time as realistically as possible. The Trolls also dare to play more recent songs by groups such as Editors, Daan and Moby, songs that would certainly not be out of place in the new wave category. To top it all off, the group ventures to add their own songs to the repertoire.


20:00 Belpopband (Belpop covers)

Belpopband is a cover band that performs top classic tracks from the Belgian music scene. Too few people are aware of what our Belgian musicians have to offer and which music is 100% home grown. These musicians share a love of Belgian music. They are keen to communicate that love in an energy-packed live show, whisking the audience away on a musical journey from The Wallace Collection to Selah Sue. From K's Choice to Stromae and from Arsenal to Red Zebra.

The band consists of 6 young artists. Ruben Degeest and Axana De Bondt (vocals), Maxime Aerts (guitar), Matthieu Janssens (bass), Lucas Heytens (keyboards) and Blommaert (drums).

Coco Jr.

21:30 Coco Jr & The All Stars

Coco jr. & The All Stars is a mixed group of musicians, with Coco Jr. formerly with 'The Dinky Toys', playing mostly black covers of soul, funk, disco, R&B & dance classics to perfection.  A tasty blend of 30 years of dance anthems and contemporary floor fillers, served up steaming with ever-fresh ingredients such as creativity, enthusiasm and passion.

DJ Samsation

23:00 DJ Samsation (dansvloervibes)

The Annual Market Festival is traditionally brought to a close with home-grown talent.  A local resident, Samuel Van Caloen (36), better known as deejay Samsation, will round off the Annual Market Festival with just the right mix.

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