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Good news! Soon you’ll be welcome in our ‘plexidate’ in Wemmel! GC de Zandloper organizes a …

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06 Mar


Welcome to the Community Centre de Zandloper, one of ‘de Rand's’ seven such centres.

We offer you a wide-ranging cultural programme near to your home. Music, theatre, films, school plays and exhibitions – something to suit all tastes … It is also the chance to become acquainted with people and associations in your neighbourhood.

You may not know any Dutch or very little but do not let that put you off. Some knowledge of the Dutch language may be required in certain cases but not always. We will be delighted to help anybody keen on learning our language. And our centre is always there when you feel ready to start practising your newly acquired language skills.


Plexidate - Feel like a chat

06 Mar tot 09 Mar
Have you not seen your friends or family for a while? Or are you tired of always connecting online with people?Good news! Soon you’ll be welcome in our ‘plexidate’ in Wemmel! GC de Zandloper organizes a coronaproof initiative where you can meet each other.
06 Mar

Myrddin & Imre De Cauter - Aperitiefconcert

Flamenco virtuosos do not all come from Spain, as Myrddin shows. Myrddin's cello-playing daughter Imre made her debut with her father at Gent Jazz in 2018.
14 Mar

Dutch language immersion Hotel Hallo - Children from 4 to 9 years

05 Jul tot 09 Jul
Hallo, is that the hotel reception desk? We have booked all the rooms. We are setting off on holiday with some young boys and girls. We can hardly wait. Our suitcases are ready. Only a few more days and we will be there. See you soon!
05 Jul