Het Smelt (16+)

The screenplay for this film, based on Lize Spit's eponymous novel, was co-written by Veerle Baetens and Maarten Loix. The story follows Eva as she returns to her hometown, carrying an ice block in the trunk of her car. Her mission: to draw a line under her past.

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Het Smelt



  • Basisprijs: € 5,00


GC de Zandloper
Kaasmarkt 75
1780 Wemmel

The story begins with a social media post announcing the commemoration for a childhood friend. This triggers Eva's memories of her 13-year-old self and her friends Pim and Laurens, who led her astray with their bad behaviour and vicious schemes.

Veerle Baetens' directorial debut takes us into the toxic confusion and cruelty of adolescence. It's a poignant coming-of-age story that will stay with the viewer for a long time.

Belgium, 2022, 90 min., drama, spoken in Dutch.

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