Duo Eolienne - Aperitiefconcert

Kurt Bertels (saxophone) and Daphne Vandemeulebroucke (harp) help to rejuvenate familiar and less familiar compositions. The expressive compositions succeed in stirring up all kinds of emotions in the members of the audience.

The repertoire: intimate and sure-footed (Joseph Jongen), enthusiastic and passionate (Astor Piazzolla) and pure lyrical melancholy (Gustav Bumcke). The duo also plays works by Belgian composers.

A programme featuring the round, warm tones of the saxophone and the gentle sounds of the harp.

If that is still not enough, the Sint-Janscomité will treat you to a drink after the concert


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music, classical



  • kassa: 14 euro
  • Abo 3 / seizoen 2019-2020: 14 euro
  • Abo 6 / seizoen 2019-2020: 14 euro
  • Abo 10 / seizoen 2019-2020: 14 euro
  • voorverkoop: 14 euro