H4Z4RD (12+)

Director Jonas Govaerts (known for Welp and Tabula Rasa) introduces the unique 'huis clos' concept with his second feature-length film. Throughout the entire filming process of 'H4Z4RD', the camera remained focused solely on the inside of Noah's car, resulting in an intense and fast-paced action film that will keep you thoroughly entertained. Starring Dimitri Vegas in the lead role, this Flemish crime thriller also offers a touch of humour.

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Hazard H4Z4RD



  • Basisprijs: € 5,00


GC de Zandloper
Kaasmarkt 75
1780 Wemmel

The film has won two awards: Best Action Film at the Toronto After Dark Film Festival, and Best Thriller and Action Film at the Sitges Film Festival in Spain.

Noah's love for his girlfriend Lea and their daughter Zita is immeasurable, and he can't imagine life without his golden luxury car, adorned with a personalised license plate reading H4Z4RD. When his cousin Carlos offers him a questionable job, it becomes the race of his life, risking the loss of his cherished car, his family, or even his life.

Belgium, 2022, 87 min., action, comedy, spoken in Dutch

Hazard van Jonas Govaerts: Alle remmen los en scheuren maar ★★★★

Het Nieuwsblad

Hazard knalt lekker kort door de bocht, recht voorbij de rode lichten van de goede smaak en dwars over alle vluchtheuvels heen. ★★★★

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